Teen Yoga

at Yoga Connection

Yoga for Youth

Teen yoga is a chance for youth to come to a peaceful environment and experience a grounding yet invigorating yoga sequence. It is a chance for them to get away from the pressures and stress of their lives and relate to each other as equals.

We practice poses that invoke a sense of belonging, self discovery, and grounding. It is an hour long practice that is concluded with savasana (relaxation)

Every Monday at Yoga Connection

When: 3:30-4:30pm

Where: 33 Lewis st. Perth

Beginning: April 8th, 2012

To Register call or email:

(613) 267-7148 or info@yogaconnectionperth.org

Ellie McMillan, RYT

I love to move. I love the smell of the air on a sunny afternoon. I love to bake and cook and create. I love to dance. I love to be by the ocean. I love books, and reading, and words, and meaning. I love to discover. Adventure. Mystic. Gems. Colours. Dreams. I love my life and the work that I do. I love yoga.

Come move with me