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News Reported by Mrs. Paluch's Class

April 27, 2016

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Edited by: Julia, Gianna, Henry and Hannah

This classroom newsletter was inspired by Hannah, Julia, Henry and Gianna. These four students were writing a newsletter every week on notebook paper and passing it around the classroom for everyone to read. They wanted to do more! We decided to do a newsletter written each week by the kids in our class similar to the one I send out to parents. This way kids and parents at home would see the news!!

They did all the writing and typing. I only helped with inserting the pictures, which they chose.

I only wish we started this earlier!!! These kids have inspired me to do a kid's newsletter with my future classes. This class is "Totally... AWESOME!!!

What's Happening in Specials...

Blue Dogs in Art

Previously In art our class and the whole third grade is making blue dog, third grade style! Some students in our class did artist blue dog, FBI blue dog and sports blue dog. George Rodrigue is the original artist of blue dog. We don't really know if blue dog is a girl or a boy but we know that the painting was made after Rodrigue's dog Tiffany. Blue dog was originally made to be evil ,but know one knew it was.

Pelted by Balls

In P.E. we were playing something that I could not remember the name of. Two teams named one and two. You have three pins on each side and you try to pelt them down with balls. Okay here are some comments from two students in our class. Aidan-"Yes I did like it and it was fun." Grace- "I did not like it. There was a bunch of balls flying at us."

3rd Grade Musical

Wednesday April,27th we had our third grade musical. It was a soccer themed musical called goal. Ella Stoller played the role of Picky Patty. It was a 25 minute performance.

Third grade has been practicing for nearly 2 and a half months.


Why did the football player go to the bank?

Because he wanted his quarter back.

"Knock knock" " Who's there?" "Who" "Who Who"

"Are you an owl?"

What is a whales favorite candy?

Blubber gum by:Max

Did You Know? Crazy Facts

Did you know there is a lava planet called carrot-76?

Did you know your heartbeat is so strong it could shoot water 6 feet up in the air?

Did you know the sun is actually white? It is all colors mixed together and just looks white

Social Studies, Lewis and Clark

In social studies, we are learning about Lewis and Clark. We "made" our own time machine and pretended to go back in time.We are also pretending to write letters back home. We are writing a postcard that tells about what happened when Lewis and Clark were on their expedition.