The Bad Beginging

By, Lexi Phillips -Beem

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A series of unfortunate events the bad beginning is about these three kids who receive very bad news continuing on to a even worst life.These children are very unlucky. Even though they are charming and clever. In the middle of the story one child fingers out the whole plane. In the end of the story it is kind of sad.

Will the children have a happy life after all? What happens when one child figures out the whole plan? What do they do? You will have to read this book to find out.

Meet Violet And Me

Violet is one of the many main charters in this story. Violet is right handed. Loves skipping rocks. And she LOVES inventing things. She loves taking care of her siblings to.

Violet is my favorite character because she loves most things I like. She is right handed like me which is important for the story. She loves taking care of her siblings even though I don't have any siblings I like taking care of kids that are younger than me. I like to skip rocks to. But I don't like inventing things.

A quote to remember

" I don't know if you notice this but first impressions are entirely wrong"

(Lemony snicker pg.26)

I really like this quote because it speaks to me because I have made many first impressions that are wong but not entirety Wong before. The narrator says this at the beginning of the 3ed chapter because this is when the kids meet count olaf. He says this because he says that the children's impression are usually wrong but theirs is right.

My favorite moment

My favorite moment would probably be when Violet, Klus ,and Sunny meet justice Strauss for the first time because it reminds me of the time when I first met my cousin when she was 3 days old it was one of my favorite moment. The children are so happy because they get to go into her house that has lots of books. It gave me a lot of emotion. I was so happy!

To Read Or Not To Read?

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sad but not to sad book because in this book the Beginging is sad because of what happens to their parents. Then it gets better but not to much better because the children have to live with this mean guy. then better because they meet a nice lady then not to much better.

All in all this was a really good book for me.