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Do you have always with you a shopping list?

Take a basket instead of a shopping cart. The shopping carts are namely extra-large, so that what is in it, looks like less.

If you take children with shopping: previously agreed with them how much sweet is purchased. Then they whine less and you do not buy so much spontaneous.

Run a hardcover book. Then you can see exactly at the end of the month even know how much you have spent on what and where you can still save. You'll be surprised where the money goes that way. The hardcover book the way you can lead not only on paper. For mobile phones there are now many apps to capture the spending.

Pay with cash instead of card. You then pay not less, but it feels different. And that means that they buy less.

As far as saving a small overview of advice money. You see: It's not so difficult and often one must not restrict itself. Good luck to live with less money.

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