By Allie J.

Adding fractions Quick and easy steps

1. Find the common demoinater

2. Add the numerators, the denominators stay the same

3. Simplify, if possible


1/2 + 3/4 common denominator is 2 so it is 1/2+1/2 which equals 2/2 simplified to 1

Subtracting fractions

1. Find the common denominator

2. Subtract the numerator keep the denominator the same

3. Simplify, if possible



Multiplying fractions quick and easy steps

1. Multiply across :-) (numerator AND denominator)

2. Simplify if possible

Dividing fractions quick and easy steps

1. Flip the 2nd factor

2. Change the division problem to a multiplication problem

3. Multiply across

Multiplying decimals

1. Multiply as normal

2. Count the amount of numbers behind the decimal on both numbers

3. Count that amount on your answer (backwards)

4. Add a zero if you are missing digits behind the decimal :)

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Dividing decimals

1.First you make the decimal that you are dividing by a whole #

Adding decimals

1. Add up all your numbers as usual

2. Bring your decimal down

3. You are done!!!!

Example for adding decimals


+ 5.3_


Subtracting decimals

1. Line up your numbers by the place value

2. Subtract

3. Bring down the decimal and you are done!!

Example 4 subtracting decimals


- 1.3