About Me.

All about me

This is me and my friend Jake

Me (Left) and my friend Jake (Right) at the end of school picnic last year. Even though hes shorter then me hes older then me.

Now that you have seen me heres a bit about me.

My name is Norman. Im 14 as of July 27th. I didn't do much this summer I went to the beach for a week but thats it. Im down where PA,DE and MD come together I live in Oxford. I LOVE cars I own two. A 1971 Dodge Dart and a 1978 Dodge Aspen SE Wagon. I don't read that often I use my free time on my cars. Ive been at PALCS for 5 years the earlier year were the best. I'd rate my tech skills at 8 it depends what i'm working on.

My cars!

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