Outrageously Awesome April!

Team StarStudded

Wahooooo to you!

You all followed the circle of success like the superstars you are - booking, selling, sponsoring like crazy!!!! Check out these Stats!
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Top 10 in Sales for team StarStudded

1. Madelon Lanier $16,066 !!!!!

2. Sally Neff $10,980

3. Barb Fogel $6,703

4.Kim Powers $6,461

5.Dona Lanier $5,352

6. Courtney Shannon $5,256

7. Nicole McNamee $4,627

8. Erin Wesson $4,514

9. Abby Masinter $4,212

10. Jaynee Buss $4,039

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Congrats to the following Stylists who promoted in April:

Kristianna Torres - Associate Stylist

Jennifer Merritt - Associate Stylist

Laura Pelfrey - Lead Stylist

Congrats!!! You're working hard and it shows!!!

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By the 4th of May!!!

Check out these Saavy Stylists who front loaded their month big time and are already QUALIFIED!! Congrats to:

Sally Neff, Kim Powers, Arlicia Chrestoholos, Jaynee Buss, Abby Masinter, Brittany Hauptman, Lindsey Rhoades, Amy Hunter, Madelon Lanier, Mary Kate White, Amber Denny, Tiffany Triplett, Jessica Spang, Kelli Hensley, Colleen Gibson, Heather Hope, Katherine Hilbert, Ashleigh Bowling and Shelli Enright.

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Welcome to these Stylists who joined our tribe in April!

Wow 41 of you took advantage of the sign up special and we are so happy to have you!! Welcome to:

Jill Molony, Krystal Bayrd,Heather Norwood, Yolanda Noble, Tonya McCrary,Jazmin Memon, Michelle Hendricks, Kim Andrews, Allison Bridges, Denise Cox, Devin Carmosino, Bailey Marshburn, Natalie Meyer, Autumn DeVine, Alexis Newsom, Maddison Richter, Illysa Mathis,Karin Hayes, Julie Peterson, Darlene Wireman, Heather Sowards, Cassie coleman, Colleen Gibbons, Tara Cornell, Amy Mando, April Williams, Nichole Martin,Michelle Wagers, Ashleigh Bowling, Lindsey Stewart, Stacy Hadden, Blair George,Temple Flecker, Renee Marcum, Mary Ewert and Aimee Teachey. WARNING This biz is addicting :)!

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Sparkle & Shine!

I don't know about you all but I LOVE this tee and it will be mine!!! It can be yours too for selling $1500 PQV in May - about 2 shows (place it safe and book 3+ because life happens)! To sweeten the pot , I am giving away 3, $50 gift Certificates to the store of your choice to everyone who sells $1500+!!!! So get booking!!!