20% Project: Spin It

The creation of artwork for an app


This process has given me invaluable information going forward into my experience with computerized art applications. I have affected the rest of my app team by making artwork them to showcase using their coding skills. I have also affected myself by gaining the skill and experience to understand what it is I want to do in college and through the future.

About the Game


The game tells the story of a spider who has been separated from her eggs by a gust of wind, landing her in the basement of an apartment complex. She must travel her way upwards through the several floors in the apartment in order to become reunited with her eggs.

Why Did I Choose this Project?

I chose this project because I wanted to be able to do something that was fun to me. I really enjoy working with applications such as Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator (the application I used for this project) and wanted to learn more.