End of Year Slideshows

Where is iDVD?

You may have noticed that iDVD is not on your new laptop - that's because Apple discontinued that program a few operating systems ago. You very likely used it in years past to create your end of year slideshow if you made one. Since the program is not your computer, this means that you do not have a DVD burning program on your computer.

How can I create an end of year slideshow for my class?

Option 1 (This year only):

If you still have your desktop computer, you can use it to create your slideshow this year as you have done in the past. Remember, this a short-term solution for this year only!

Option 2

Use either iMovie or the new Photos program to create a slideshow (with music, if you wish). You can then share out your slideshow with families via Google Drive. Families can then download it if they choose and save it with the rest of their home photos and videos. One added bonus: your movie doesn't have to be done on the last day of school because you can email it out later!

What if I don't know how to do iMovie or Photos?

Never fear! That's what your tech integration specialist is for!

We can also set up a quick class after school if there are multiple teachers wanting to learn. It's really quick and easy once you get the hang of it!

When Can I Start?

You can actually set up your slideshow in iMovie or Photos any time and then just drop in the last few photos from the end of the year when you're done. It might be easier to start now if you're doing a new program because of the hectic nature of the end of the school year!