Titanic - The Unsinkable Ship

Join Captain Smith on their trip on the novelty Ship!!!

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Ticket avaliable- First class

First class tickets are only $100,000 and include a very fancy living room, bedroom, and their own bathrooms. We also have interconnecting doors for the big families. Your children and pets travel half price! These rooms are decorated with the finest wall paper and nicest porcelain decor. Some rooms have a walk out deck. Get your ticket for these luxurious accommodations.
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Tickets Available- Second Class

Get your tickets now for the home like second class rooms! It is only $1,375 for a berth and a small living room. You have the nicest communal bathrooms any ship has ever had. We provide a chamber pot and wash bin in your cabin for any uses.These rooms are furnished with beautiful white mahogany wood furniture.
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Tickets Available- Third Class

These rooms have plenty of space for your needs. We have two communal wash tub for everyone. These rooms include bunk beds and a sink to wash up in. These cabins are individual so you have privacy!

Inside the ship!

First Class

There is a smoking room, gym, squash courts, cafe, restaurant lounge, reading and writing rooms, public restrooms,and dining saloon.


You are welcome to oysters, salmon, lamb, and much more.

Second Class -

There is a library, smoke room, and dining room.


Your served with, fruits,scones,chicken, pea soups, potatoes, and plum pudding.

Third Class-

There is a smoke room/general room, and dining room.


You can have plum pudding, potatoes, oatmeal, milk, and so much more.

Get your tickets now and you we surely be dazzled by this astounding ships luxuries!!