Bonded T1 Line

Bonded T1 Line Advantages For Businesses

Bonded T1 Line Advantages For Businesses

For business continuity, lower overhead and overall savings internet bonding T1's are the smarter solution for increased internet connectivity and bandwidth. Most T1's follow previously laid phone lines so T1 technology is available wherever a phone can be hooked up.

Many businesses rely on T1 technology because of its reputation for low downtime and guaranteed high speeds regardless of time of day or amount of customers in the surrounding area. DSL can experience downtimes of up to 2 weeks. T1's rarely experience downtimes and if they do they are functional within 4 to 24 hours.

T3 lines are worth a look for the business is the size of a major university or is an ISP provider. If the business is not either one of these things, than a T3 line is a waste of resources and money. The cost of upgrading from a T1 line to T3 is rather expensive and can result in unacceptable interruptions of business continuity. The cost of an individual T1 line is multiplied by the number of T1 lines bonded together and that will be the monthly cost of utilizing a bonded T1 line.

Usually, only businesses and large corporations utilize T1 lines. T1 lines are overkill for the average home use. Load balancing is using bonded T1 lines to equally distribute traffic to avoid bottlenecks over the network. Bonded T1 lines are often utilized by businesses that upload and download large video and audio files. Bonded T1 lines allow for quick transfers while not degrading the overall performance of the business' network.

As a business grows it is less costly and easier to add additional T1's than it would be to completely upgrade to a T3 line. Most companies cannot afford major communication interruptions and still remain fully functional. Installation of a T3 line can last up to a month and this is not calculating the time it takes to ensure that all of the bugs have been worked out. Once the T1 technology exists at a business is it relatively easy to increase the number of T1's that are needed over time.