Jellies from Jupiter

by: Jaime Fanizzi


Imagine being one of the most bizarre sea creatures that ever lived in the ocean. You have no eyes and no brain on your weird head, all you know is how to move, live, and function in water. You have long, lanky, stingy tentacles in which you are noticed by people from all over the world! You are a jellyfish!!! In this article, I will tell you about the jellyfishes home, it’s unique diet, and its body structure and appearance. Now step forward into a world like no other, and I will show you all of the amazing, unique wonders of a jellyfish.


In this essay, we talked about a jellyfishes habitat, diet, and movement of this marvelous creature. In many ways, the jellyfish is not like any other fish in the sea. Even a sea horse is comparable to a jellyfish. Without a doubt, a jellyfish is the most unique fish that ever lived. So the next time you are on the beach, make sure you look out for a jellyfish on the sand!

"Go Fish!"

Do you like to design things? If so then you might like “Go Fish!!”. “Go Fish!!” is a project where you design a fish tank and choose a theme for it, In my case, my theme was sky blue.To start, you need the essentials. You will need a tank, a filter, filter cartridges, gravel, a thermometer, and food. I got a 20 gallon tank which was $32.99. I added the price of my tank to the price of all of the items and got $79.77. Next, I bought salt for $6.99 which came to a total of $86.76. After that is the fun part, buying decorations! I bought a light blue background, a petco aqua plant, a greek temple, a top fin green fur plant, and a penn hideaway for $76.36. I then got colorful and bright fish so that it pops out in my tank. I bought a Blue Damsel, a Valentini Pufferfish, a Green mandarin Goby, a Strawberry Dottyback, a Carpenter Flasher Wrasse, and a lemon Peel Angelfish which was $114.9. I had a total which was under my $250 dollar budget. This was a fun and interesting project and I hope I get the chance to do it again.


Jellyfish Should Like Strawberry Jam!!!

Jellyfish, oh jellyfish,

why do you like peanut butter?

It is sticky and icky and makes you sicky

But jam is smooth and yummy.

I know it has been tested,

And proven as well,

That jellyfish like peanut butter,

And it is now well known.

Jellyfish, oh jellyfish,

I still don’t understand,

Why you don’t take an interest,

In strawberry jam!!!


This is my diorama. My organisms were: a star fish, a jellyfish, a parrot fish, a clown fish, a sea anemone, a sea turtle, and a piece of coral. This was very fun to make and I wish I could do it all over again!
Big image


Big image

Jellyfish Fact Video

Jelly Fish Facts :)