Coniferous forest

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Location and Climate

The Coniferous forest is located in the locations of Europe, Asia, North America, Canada. The average high temperature is 104 degrees and the average low tempature is -32 degrees fahrenheit. The average rainfall is about 14-30 inch annually. The winters are long and snowy, while the summers are short and humid.
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Interesting facts

1. because of its lush vegetation the northwestern coniferous forest is referred to " the temperate rainforest.

2. The three most dominating trees are fir, pine, and spruce trees

3. The bobcat living in the coniferous forest changes the color of its coat or fur to camoflouge during the different seasons

4.the name taiga is Russian for coniferous forest

5. The white powder from an aspen tree can be used as deodorant

Coniferous Forest