Daintree Rainforest

by: Amier al-azam 5/6s


The Daintree rainforest is a spectacular enviorment located in the north east coast of Queensland near Cairns and is a tropical rainforest. It is 1200 square miles and is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. The species found there are spectacular and some people say the animal life are just waiting to be discovered. This rainforest is a World Heritage Area so it is protected by a internationaly recognised body and is completley unique but is sadly fading away due to deforestation.


The Daintree rainforest is found in the north east of coast Queensland next to the Great Barrier Reef and its just wonderful how these two diverse enviorments connect together like brothers. If you want to visit this heaven it is located exactly at 2333 Cape Triblution rd Cape Tribulution Queensland Australia.


The Daintree rainforests flora are probably the first thing you will see because there are over 3000 plants and 395 rare species of plant life. Some flora is used in medicnes used today. There are a variety of Ferns, Cycads, Palms, Conifers and other. There are 700 speicies only found in the Daintree but due to deforestation it is starting to die due to the people in the past and predators. But thankfully they are all protected.


The Daintree rainforest has many different types of fauna that attract tourists and need to be respected. The Daintree holds over 1/3 of Australian mammals, 1/4 of Australian frogs, 1/3 of Australian fresh water fish and nearly half of our birds. In the Daintree there are many amazing and dangerous Fauna to keep an eye out for such as the beutiful cassowary that can digest toxic seeds andare verydangourous. These creatures are disapearing and are starting to be extincted.Another rare type of species is the rare white possum that only lives in the Daintree and the largest moth the hercules lives here.


Tourism is a really important thing to the Daintree becuase it attracts people to enter this heaven and is a huge money maker. Some tourist atractions such as bush walking,walkabout tour,stores and the flying fox are quite attrative for tourist and make lots of money. This enviroment has many beatiful things that you can look at and are quite famous and its a great attraction to all visiters. It also has many path ways so you will not damage any flora or fauna on the ground.

Threats and Dangers

There are many Threats and Dangers to the Daintree for example tourists, tourists are actually the people that hurt the Daintree because of them pulling out plants or touching them. Did you know that hurting plants could lead to extinction and will mean losing parts of this wet heaven. Another reason is logging. Logging is when companys come and cut down trees for wood or paper just for money. Predators are also a Threat to the Daintree because they kill animals to survive but could make this striking enviorment fall.


The Daintree rainforest is important and must be respected because it holds many plant and animal species. It gives us most oxygen and is just a spectacular enviorment of Australia and Australia is proud to have it on their land.