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Head story

Inspire your savings!:)

Want to save up for a specific item, trip, ect.? Well use your imagination to keep your mind on your saving. I'm sure you've heard of saving money in a jar, but how about this for a thought? Get a picture of the specific thing you want to save for. like say you want to by the new iphone, put a picture of an iphone on the glass jar to remind you that your money is going tword that item. Or say you want to save of for a trip to Hawii :) get a pick of what you think of when you think of Hawii like a sunset, hula dancers or even a colage of pictures. Or just decorate it by putting your name on, or painting it or putting stickers on it. Let your imagination roam. Make it fun! They try to put a little money in one a week (like every monday or tuesday ect.) or even a little every day, even a couple cents, it adds up fast. Let out your inner designer and let your imagination shine to help keep your mind on savings.:)

Kelsey Sheldahl