Red fox



What does it look like?

The red fox is orange and looks like an orange dog. It has black paws and brown eyes

with scary teeth. It can eat more then it's own size and some of them have reddish fur black tipped ears.

Where does it live?

Red foxes live in holes they live in many diverse lands. When I mean holes I mean borrows. Red foxes live around the world in many diverse lands.

What does it eat?

The red fox eats berries,fruit and small animals mostly rabbits. It eats a variety of foods and also small animals, I mean like rabbits and mice. The red fox diet is made up of invertebrates like crickets,grass hoppers,caterpillars and other invertebrates.

Interesting facts

Did you know that foxes are part of the dog family known as canids? The beautiful red fox,with it's bushy tail and dog-like face is an effective nocturnal creature which has 48 sub-species of fox including colour variations termed silver or cross fox.


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