The Iran Nuclear Deal

What's the Deal?


The Iran Nuclear Deal is a negotiation between the U.S and Iran. This discussion's main points are Iran's Nuclear Program improving and the economic sanctions that the United States has on Iran being lifted (Smith, 3). Basically, the U.S is worried that the amount of plutonium Iran is producing could be enough to potentially make a nuclear weapon (Smith, 2). Now, with that said, Iran has said that the only way they would decrease the amount of plutonium they are producing is if the United States lifts their economic sanctions (Smith,3); this is where the negotiating comes in...

What is the Iran Nuclear Deal?


Under this potential deal, Iran has to cut their plutonium enrichments so that a nuclear weapon can't be made for another 15 years ("The Iran Nuclear Deal"). Also, all Iranian nuclear facilities must be inspected ("The Iran Nuclear Deal"). Now, Iran can still continue to research nukes, and they can still keep their nuclear facilities which they claim are only for "civilian use" ("The Iran Nuclear Deal"). On the American side of things, the U.S has to ease economic sanctions on Iran which have reduced Iran's sales of produce and oil ("The Iran Nuclear Deal").

Is Iran Dangerous?

This was a question I asked myself before I knew Iran's history. With a little research, my answer to this question became yes; Iran is dangerous. For example, the U.S has had to remove three Iran Prime Ministers due to suspicious or dangerous activity ("U.S-Iran Relations"). Another example of Iran's dangerousness is in 1981 when they took 52 U.S embassy workers hostages and paraded them through celebrations ("U.S-Iran Relations"). Lastly, in 2005, Prime Minister Mohmoud Ahmadinejad stated that he intends to, "Wipe Israel off the map" (Fathi, 1). Not only is Iran dangerous to the United States, but they are even more dangerous to neighboring countries

The Big Question: Will the Nuclear Deal Keep the World at Peace?

In the beginning, I thought this deal was a great thing. But, after countless hours of research and note taking, I can conclude that this deal will not keep the world at peace. Due to Iran's history and their neighboring countries fear of them, I feel as though the U.S should not even give Iran the oppurtunity to have a nuclear program at all. Why would the U.S even consider to give Iran a responsibility when we all know that they will just bend and break the rules. If Iran really did want to make a nuclear weapon, would a political deal really stop them? After all, in 15 years, who knows what this world may be like?