It's Wonderful Winter Week!

A delightful week of spirited fun

Monday 12/12 Baby, It's Cold Outside

Wear your hat, your earmuffs, your sassy winter scarfs!

Tuesday 12/13 Stars, Stripes, and Snowballs

Wear your candy-striped clothing, something shiny like a star, or wear something polka dotted to represent the snowballs we hope to make over our winter break!

Wednesday 12/14: Show Your Colors

Wear anything red or green!

Thursday 12/15: Get Your "Sillies" Out

Time to get your sillies out- wear those reindeer ears, Santa hats, elf shirts or something else that makes you smile. But be aware: In the classroom, you will be asked to remove any item that may be distracting.

Friday 12/16 : It's PAJAMA DAY!!!!!!!

Students may wear pajamas that meet dress code requirements. No shorts, no tank tops, and no pajamas with "not ok for school"content. Sorry, kids- NO SLIPPERS. We don't want you to slip down the stairs in your slippers!