Viktor Frankl

"What is yo give light must endure burning"

The beginning

Viktor Frankl was a Austrian psychiatrist march 26th 1905 till september 7th 1997.

He had went to multiple of concentration camps and so did his mother and brother. Although they both died in the Auschwitz camp. Frankls brother was killed in a mining program and his mom was in the gas chambers. His main job at the camps was to be a practioner during a clinic at the '' Nazi Theresienstadt Ghetto'', which was supposed september25th 1942. He was there to help people he had seen a lot in his eyes.

The Different camps

Viktor Frankl's psychology was being noticed that's when he was given a job that fits his personality. Frankl did caring in a block called '' B1V. '' So I guess you could say one open door after the other. By setting up a tiny program that would allow him to work with new prisoner's who arrived to the camp and keep their stress levels down. On July29th 1943 Frankl decided that he wanted put together a event that had to do with scientific society. The location was at Theresienstadt but of course he had some nice help from a man named Leo Baeck. In the event they talked and taught people about sleeping and how to help them with trouble with sleeping. His last topic was medical care and soul.

The middle

October 19th 1944, was a huge experience for Frankl that day. Reason being is he was taken to the biggest concentration camps, Auschwitz. There he was put through many stages either being good or bad but still an iffy situation. October 25th 1944 Frankl went to a concentration camp called Kaufering which was related to Dachau. He was a slave for five months watching his friends and family suffer.

How he survived

I guess you could know Viktor Frankl as a very lucky man. The year of March 1945 he got put in a rest camp. He says that's what they called it but too him he probably felt the same way that he felt in all the other torturing concentration camps. Seeking his way to freedom,

later on he had been transferred to another camp called Turkheim. Frankls objective there was being a physician but then ended it on April 27th 1945 because at last he was being liberated by Americans. His second to last move began by him returning to Vienna. Viktor Frankl was in camps for three years.

'' what is to give light must endure burning ''

1945 Frankl wrote a book based on his experience and what all he went through. He soon realized even though there was a lot of bad at the camps there was meaning. he quoted ''what is to give light must endure burning.''

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