Tropical Ocean Biome

By: Kimberly Jackson, Reece Credeur, Abigail Contereras

Abiotic Organisms

-Tropical Whales

-Geoffrey's Spiders

-Central A. Squirrel Monkey

-Green Turtle


Biotic Organisms



-Corral Polyps

Limiting Factors

Some limiting factors include:




-migration patterns

Symbiotic Relationships

Mutualism - Whale & Plankton

Commensalism - Clown Fish & Anemone's

Parasitism - Barnacle & Crabs


Adaptations for a stonefish appear over time, certain shapes, and colors create camouflage which helps protect itself from its predators.

The Blue Marlin's rounded snout is though tot stun prey.

Clown anemone fish develop a relationship with large sea anemones. The anemones stinging tentacles provides shelter and protection fro predators.

Food Pyramid

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Food Web

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