Math word problems


Joe and sue are having a problem counting integers can you help them

Joe was playing a video game with 2 rounds in round one he gained -2 points in round one. In round 2 he gained 5 points how many points does he have. Since we're adding numbers we have to set up a subtraction problem -2+5=5-2=3 the awnser is 3 because once we subtract the number with the most space from zero is the sign you put example: -50+20=-30.
Sue has -200$ in her account she add in 300$ 7 times how much did she put into her account. Since -200$ is just extra we can eliminate that from the problem and we are left with -300$ times 7 since the signs are different the awnser will be negative so we just do 300 times 7 and add a negative sign which equals-2,100