Cool News About the SUES

by: Zain K.

Advice for The Tour

Welcome to the SUES. If your nervous there`s no reason to be. When I was a 3rd grader I felt scared, nervous, scared, and exited all at the same time but when it was my first day in 4th grader. When you walk in the cafateria and find your teacher go sit down on the bench and you`ll be fine.

I made many new friends here and you will too. I have lots of nice teachers. The gym is huge and the lunch aides and make the most delicions food. And all the specials teachers teach you a lot of cool stuff.

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My Best Memories At The UES

The most fun memories for me was making friends. The way I made my friend, my friend is by hating each other and when the time came BAM were friends!! The most existing day of the year was when my teacher won teacher of the year.Another is eating jello with my friends in class!!!!

At gym when we were playing knockout I beat my friend and we just were laughing to death.And when when I was playing kick ball I fell and just kept on laughing.It was very funny and don`t fall in gym. When we were stretching my friend did a split rather then doing jumping jacks.

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Lunch, Recess, And The Bus

The lunch and recess experience is awesome. The only thing you have to worry about is not sharing food. On the bus I talk with my friends.At recess I play kickball with my friends. The bus is fun.

At recess me and my friends stand by the hill and we play would you rather, kickball, and catch. Sometimes there are assemblies in the cafeteria. The assemblies that happened were fun but the saddest one was the cancer one so everyone in the SUES raised pennies for patient's. and recess is fun because I get to play football

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