When I grow up I want to be a teacher.The reason why I want to be a teacher is because I can teach kids in school,I like teaching others, and i like working with kids.

Training and Education

To be a teacher you need a bachlor's degree.You do not need no other degree to be a teacher.

Work Enviorment

When I am a teacher I want to be indoors.I want to have a office.I would wear everyday clothes.And I want to to work individual.

Job Desciption

The salary for me is maybe 54,550 dollars per year.My growth opportunities for me is becoming a principal.My job outlook is employment of kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024.My responsibilities are to teach students how to study and communicate with others, teach students such as math,reading,science,writing, and social studies,prepare students for standarized test required by the state, work with students individually to help them over come specific learning challenges.
After all this research I do still have an intrest in pursuing this career after completing this research because being a teacher is a intresting and good career for me.