Our Lady of the Cape Primary School

Newsletter - 12th August 2020

"Patience is a Superfruit of the Holy Spirit"

Important Dates:

Week 4

  • Sat 15 Aug: Confirmation Mass (Y6) 6pm
Week 5
  • Fri 21 Aug: Orders for sausage sizzle (Carnival) close.
Week 6
  • Weds 26 Aug: WWW Day
  • Thu 27 Aug: OLC Athletics Sports Carnival (Y6 Sausage Sizzle)
  • Fri 28 Aug: Pupil Free Day - Staff PD
Week 7
  • Mon 31 Aug: Pupil Free Day - Catholicity Day
  • Weds 2 Aug: WWW Day
Week 8

  • Weds 9 Aug: WWW Day
  • Thurs & Fri 10/11 Sept: School Photo Days

Dear Parents, Friends and Students of the OLC Community,

Congratulations to all our year 6 Class who have completed their Confirmation Program at OLC. All the very best to all families involved for being excellent role models to your children. A big thankyou to all those supporting the Candidates. Special thanks to Fr. Francis, Mrs. Meyer, Mrs.Ricciardone and Mrs. Martin on leading our students in their faith journey.

Sophie Corrigan

Oliver Darlington

Cooper de Chiera

Toby Delane

Gabriel Douglas

Ruby Eastaugh

Jye Edmonds

Allira Giglia

Taylah Halloran

Lachlan Hayhow

Charles Hewson

Axton Hughes

Kobe Jennings

Saffi Jennings

Banjo Jennings-Hopkins

Hannah Kerr

Zahra Love

Kade Martin

Isis Nerva Huxtable

Remy North

Annabelle Phillips

Edward Pollard

Jack Roberts

Lucas Sorgiovanni

Zali Stone

Jasper Torrese

Savannah Van Es

Sienna Vernon

State Cross Country

Good luck to our students competing in the State Cross Country Championships in Perth this Thursday. We are all very proud of Matilda Richardson, Hudson Archer, Mila and Jett Devereux and Kai Gleeson reaching this stage of their long distance running careers!

Pupil Free Days

Please be aware Friday 28 August and Monday 31 August are pupil free days.

Postponement of Parent Evening

We were hoping to have “Open Evening” the evening before the school sports. Unfortunately we have decided to postpone it until later in the year due to being unable to guarantee 2m2 per person.

Digii Social

Our school is fortunate to be working with leading parent educator Claire Orange in supporting our students in being able to successfully navigate their way through the complex digital-life that we are confronted with in 2020. Our year 5 and 6 students are currently participating in a trial as part of their digital studies in class.

In homes around the world, children are spending time in a big, unregulated playground – the internet. While the opportunities are many, so are the threats and hazards. DiGii Social is a brand new edTech resource that targets digital-life training for children in Year 5 and 6 (10-13 years) and their parents. It’s aligned to the Australian National Curriculum and teaches over 50 skills to children that prepare – and protect – them in their digital life. It’s an immersive experience that teaches children while they play – covering everything from their digital health right through to managing cyber-bullying, inappropriate contact and content. Parents have their own platform with access to a library of brief, educational videos that address all aspects of raising the digital native.

Did you Know?

It is just great to be back at work after a little time off over the first two weeks of term 3. However, Mr Lee’s people are currently speaking with Miss Prowse’s people after a class discussion on where Mr Lee may have been while he was away. At this stage, Mr Lee is denying all allegations ...till proven guilty! Some updates to Mr.Lee’s whereabouts from the year 1P class!

  • I think Mr Lee is at meetings with hiz frends, dancing in the meeting.
  • I think Mr Lee is wind surfing at Meelup beach, catching some big waves.
  • I think Mr Lee is at Adventure World on the Rollcosder having fun.
  • I think Mr Lee is at the pub having hot chips and drincing bier.
  • I think Mr Lee is at Adventure World going on a waterslide that is 3 storeys high.
  • I think Mr Lee is at home eting cholet and siting on the couch woching the bombers
  • I think Mr Lee is on a kroos in the sea catching fish. They are coold catfish.
  • Hiy is at the pub having a bevy torking to his mats and wochng fobol to.
  • I think Mr Lee is at Simos eating ice cream and playing on the playground swings.
  • I thik Mr Lee is at Xscape at the Cape plaing laser tag.
  • I think Mr Lee is at Disney Land gowin on the rides.
  • I think Mr Lee is at Litl Monstrs palying on the slids doing belly flops into the ballpit
  • I think Mr Lee is at Xscap to the Caep gowing down the slaid and he is very sked.

Reading the letter from St Brendan's Lakes Entrance Primary School, knowing that we are able to help them in some small way.

Bushfire Fundraiser Thank You Letter

To Our Lady of the Cape Primary School, Dunsborough,

We would like to thank you so much for your kindness through fundraising for our school. Your support and best wishes gave us hope and happiness throughout this bushfire period. We are looking forward to visiting our cinemas at the end of the year as we can’t go any time soon due to COVID-19. We are beyond amazed by how much money you raised. The effort of your school, organisation of your school leaders and generosity from all the students has put more than a smile on our faces.

Some of the ways that your school fundraised were very interesting and unique, we are inspired to use some of them for our own school fundraisers! We were extremely impressed by the year 6s busking in your local area and putting in your own time to reach your goal. A very special thanks to Banjo for raising $500, that was an outstanding effort.

The bushfires near us involved many sleepless nights and having to evacuate at least two times. Some days the smoke was that bad that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. One family from our school lost everything including their house and possessions.

Roads were closed for a month so some people were stuck in town in caravans along the borders waiting for the day that they could leave. However, we were so lucky that the wind changed directions, and because of it, the fires just missed our town.


The students and staff from St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School.

Written by,

Olivia Greer - St Brendan’s House Captain

Alanah Kelly - St Brendan’s School Captain

Big picture

Sustainability Update

Thanks to Mrs. Janine Johnston for looking after our chooks over the July holidays and early weeks of term. As you can see, the girls were really looked after, especially during the cooler days!

Worm Whiz is for sale at school any time you would like some. $5 for 4 litres is bargain price. It is the best organic fertilizer available to humankind, guaranteed to double the size of your veggies, make your flowers bloom for twice as long and generally make the world a better place. Just one litre in a watering can with eight litres of water is the perfect formula. One of the best traits of our Worm Wizz is that it doesn’t smell!

Warm Regards,

Eugene Lee


Wheelie, Walkie, Waste-Free Wednesday

It’s on again! Get those bikes, scooters and walking shoes ready, and leave those cars and wasteful lunch packaging behind.

Our Wheelie, Walkie, Waste -Free Wednesdays will commence again on


Week 6 (26th August)

7 (2nd September)

8 (9th September)

Once again class participation will be recorded and the winning class will receive a free excursion (provided by the City Busselton) of their choice, somewhere within the City of Busselton region.

Fruit on arrival in the mornings will once again be provided (also the from the City of Busselton) this year, however due to current health and safety regulations, whole pieces of fruit will be distributed as opposed to cut-up pieces.

This initiative also coincides with the pending cross-walk on Cape Naturaliste Road in the very near future. To consolidate this even further, we also have a whole school excursion planned in Term 4, presented by the RAC Road Safety Team.

We are looking forward to another terrific WWW Wednesday season.

Adrian Torrese,

Assistant Principal


Year 6 Sacrament of Confirmation

There is an air of excited anticipation around the upper school as our Year 6 Candidates and their Prayer Buddies head into the final days of preparation before the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday evening.

Final preparations started last Friday with the year 6 students attending the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at the church. Amongst other things, they spent time in silence meditating on what they are grateful for as well contemplating their wrong doings and how they might make amends for them. It was a very special time and the atmosphere in the church was contemplative, peaceful and very beautiful. Many thanks to Fr. Francis for his efforts to involve the students in this special event.

Big picture

On Wednesday the Year 6 class will head to the church in the morning for a practice of the Sacrament before returning to the school to begin a Confirmation themed artwork with local artist Carmen McFaull. Thursday there will be a visit from Fr. Tony who will grill our students on their knowledge of the Sacrament to make sure they have been adequately prepared! Given the time and effort Mrs. Ricciardone has spent getting the students ready I have no doubt that they will pass with flying colours!

On Friday we have a special Confirmation retreat day organised for the Year 6 class at the school hall. On this final day of preparation, the students will receive individual Reconciliation with Fr. Francis and then participate in a number of small group activities, designed to cement their understanding of the special gift they will receive in Confirmation on Saturday evening. We would like to express our special thanks to parishioners Mrs. Carmen McFaull and Mrs. Sherrylee Tutt who will both be assisting with activities on the day. Thank you also to Fr. Francis, Mrs. Ricciardone, Mrs. Martin and Mr. Lee who will also lend a hand.

This is a very special time in the faith formation of our young people, and I would ask you to please keep them in your prayers. Unfortunately, due to current social distancing requirements we cannot accommodate families other than those of the Year 6 students at the church for this mass. Hopefully, next year we can return to this being a school wide celebration.

The Assumption of Mary – Our School Feast Day

As you are aware, Our Lady of the Cape has a very special connection to our patroness Mary, Mother of Jesus. Did you know that our school logo depicts Mary looking at the infant Jesus with the waters of Cape Naturaliste in the background? The leaves symbolise the gum trees specific to this region. This beautiful depiction shows how closely we hold Mary to our hearts here at OLC. This Saturday is the Feast Day of the Assumption of Mary, which celebrates Mary being taken body and soul into heaven to be with her son Jesus forever. Traditionally we celebrate this feast day with a whole school mass and our Mission Market day to raise money for those in need. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we are unable to celebrate mass together at this stage and will be postponing our celebrations and markets to later in the term. Currently I am planning for a possible outdoor mass and market day to occur on the final day of the term, which is a Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed that we find a way to celebrate our Lady’s special day. For those of you who would like to attend, a parish mass for the Feast of the Assumption will take place this Saturday at 9.00am at the church. Social distancing measures will apply.


Is your child Baptised a Catholic? If you would like your child to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, which is necessary prior to the reception of any of the other Sacraments, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the matter further.

All the best for a wonderful fortnight.

God Bless!

Mrs. Amie Meyer, OLC Religious Education Coordinator.

Canteen News

Sports Carnival - Thursday 27th August

Canteen will be offering sausage sizzle and drinks for the children only for this event.

Orders can be placed online from today until Friday 21st August.

The P&F will be selling cakes and extra sausages for adults and siblings on the day - Cash only for these items.


P&F Class Fundraisers

Keep an eye out for this terms fundraisers. So far we've got:

  • 2M doing the Coffee Club with Tiny Coffee
  • Year 6 doing a sausage sizzle and coffee stall on Sports Carnival Day. Get your order in through the ONLINE CANTEENquickcliq.com.au
  • PPB - Plant Stall on the oval 18th September
  • Kindy Super Raffle
  • Year 5 Muffin bake 19 August
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Scholastic Orders

Open through Loop Online. Catalogues to come soon. Orders close 8pm 7 September.

Dear Parent,

Please note Book Club is progressively changing to LOOP online orders only. LOOP is quick to set up and simple to use, however, if you do run into any problems please contact Chelsea on 0423 516 260.

  • It is easy to order. The Book Club LOOP platform for parents allows you to pay by credit card. Your child’s order is submitted directly to school safe and sound and the books will be delivered to class. You can place your child’s order at scholastic.com.au/LOOP or using the LOOP app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Warm Regards,

Chelsea Davies

Your Book Club Organiser

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