How do different political leaders feel about immigration?

What is immigration and why is it controversial?

Immigration is the entry of people into our country. The problem is that many people illegally enter our country. So, people have different beliefs as to how we should handle them.

Donald Trump and the Republicans

Donald Trump believes that we should get rid of the illegal immigrants in our country. To do this, he thinks there are 3 main things that should be focused on. He believes that a nation without borders isn't a nation, so he wants to build a wall on our southern border. Trump also wants laws passed about immigration in order to restrict immigrants who come into the country.

The Republicans in Congress disagree with Obama and they believe that the immigrants should stay in the country. They think they have the right to stay in our country.

Political Leaders

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats

Hillary Clinton wants to introduce comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship. She also wants to end three and 10 year bars. Hillary wants to do everything possible under the law to protect families. She wants to enforce immigration laws humanely.

The Democrats in Congress also are working toward comprehensive immigration reform that fixes our nation's broken system of immigration.

Gary Johnson's Beliefs

Gary Johnson wants to make it simpler and more efficient for immigrants to join this country. He believes this since he is a governer of a border state.

Organizations that Help Immigration

List of organizations that help immigration:

ACIR-Agricultural Coalition for Immigration Reform

AHCA-American Health Care Association

EWIC-Essential Worker Immigration Coalition

Personal Stance

Personally, I believe that something does need to be done about the illegal immigrants since they take jobs from Americans. I don't believe that a wall is necessary for the immigrants to be restricted, but I believe that there should be restrictions as to what the illegal immigrants can and can't do in our country.