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The summer is passing to quickly and too hot.

Most of us are comfortable, for we have air-conditioning. “What if we didn’t? What about those places, countries, and people who don’t. Here is a story of some Episcopalians who did not need air conditioning. It is from a book by Barbara Brown entitled “An Altar In the World. It is a trifle long but it is a good read.

She and her husband had left the city and some power failures to the country. Then came the first snow. They went for a walk in the snow and they hoped, the snow, would be enough to keep them home the next day. They had much to do, books to read, love to make and rest to catch up on.

While eating dinner, the lights began to dim and then with a click the they went out as well as every appliance in the house. Overnight it all turned to ice. They took a walk and saw all the twisted wires and realized they were now common laborers in their own home. They divided up the chores for the care of themselves, their house and the animals in the barn. Barbara had a small stock pile of dusty Y2K supplies which helped

Day 2: Houseplants frozen, eating with gloves on, boiling water over the fire in the living room, and warming the animals with a kerosene heater. Stuff in the ice box was warmer than the house and it smelled. Barbara felt herself expand. This was how it felt to be a mother. It was no longer enough for me to be aware of my own needs, other lives depended on my awareness of their distress. She could respond without thinking., necessity bound us all together.

Day 3: Barbara dreaded the setting of the sun, when everything got colder and harder to do. She wore her

headlamp everywhere but the circle of light was small. ”Everywhere I turned the darkness exposed my helplessness. I could not watch a movie, work on my computer, do laundry and could not take a bath. I had lost power. I was without power. I had no power.

On day 4: I decided that a power outage would make a great spiritual practice. Never mind the giving up meat or booze for Lent. For a taste of real self-denial turn off the power for a while and see if phrases such as ‘the power of God', and ‘The light of Christ’ sound any different to you. Better yet, ask someone to flip the switch for you and then cut the wire for good measure. Live as most people in the work life, preoccupied with survival. Wear the same clothes for a week because it is too cold. Sleep close to the fire welcoming the heat of another human body, Learn

To shake your head at goals of education, aerobic fitness, computer skill. Long for the light you cannot procure for yourself and feel your heart swell with gratitude every single morning --when the sun comes up.

Value warmth. Prize shelter. Praise the miracle of flowing water.

On this day as she was deodorizing the refrigerator, there was a loud click, followed by the sound of a dozen engines coming on. I stood up. The rag fell from my hand. “WE HAVE POWER!” I shouted, with tears in my eyes. There should be a service in the Prayer book for occasions such as these.

That story reminds me of how grateful we are or should be for the things we seemingly take for granted. Last summer I attended Church in Philadelphia in 90 degree heat and they handed out fans(no air conditioning). It was too hot, the sermon was boring and we could hardly wait to get back to some comfort in my daughters’ home.

Perhaps, we can think about this story when we are uptight about some of the small things that come up in our lives. August a good time for Gratitude

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Bible Study to Resume on August 22nd in the Parish Hall at 6:30pm

Clothing and shoe tubs are empty, nuff said

We pray for those who are ill and those seeking the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit:

Ervin, Mack, Rick, Alex, Kathleen, Nate, & his family, Berterad, Cassie, Mara, Lawrence, Susan, Coleta, Norma, Charlie, Ron, Ronnie, Ross, Emma, Jarvis, Jesse, Ann, Lily, Bill, Bryce, Chris, Elana, Doug and David.

We pray for those who are fighting cancer and long term illnesses:

Jennifer, Jesse, Destri, Nanzea, Tomas, Birgit, Sally, Jim, Roger, Less, Jesse, Carol, Monica, Harriett, Paul, Mary Jane, Emma, Andi, Bill, Luma and all Hospice Patients with their families.

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Note. Any of you who read this who might be interested in sharing from the pulpit or if you have ever wanted to preach, Please let Fr. C or Deacon Steve know and we will be glad to let you.

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August Birthdays

1st - Steve Bolton

4th - Kim Devrow

4th - Mikala Johnson

4th - D'Etta Rider

5th - Rod Arteaga

16th - Allie Wright

24th - Kristina Bolton

27th - Kathy Muncaster

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August Anniversaries

9th - Scott & D'Etta Rider

16th - David & Yolie Wright

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August 2019 Calendar

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Calendar of events

Sunday School will resume on September 1st.

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Blessing of the animals October 5th

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