LV Intermediate Parent Newsletter

September 28, 2018

Upcoming Events

September 28 Six Weeks Ends - Check progress on Parent Connect

October 1 First Project Vinatta Meeting from 3:00-3:50

October 2 Campus Educational Improvement Committee Meeting at 6:00pm

October 5 Last Day to Buy an Intermediate T-Shirt

October 8 Columbus Day- No School

October 9 Title I Reading and Math Parent Meeting at 6:00PM

October 9 Leaders in Action Applications (5th Graders only)Due

October 18 First Leaders in Action Meeting

October 22-26 Red Ribbon Week Activities

November 12 Veteran's Day Program --Intermediate Choir performing

November 13 Fourth and Fifth Grade Field Trip to Austin Spurs Game

Reach for the Stars...Believe It to Achieve It

UIL Academic Sign-Ups have Begun

Lago Vista is excited about UIL for our 4th and 5th Graders! We had our Kick Off Rally on Wednesday, September 26, and sign-up sheets are posted in the hallway on the Intermediate campus. Students may begin signing up for events on September 27. The coach of each event will notify students and parents of their practice schedule.

The Writing contests will take place on each home campus prior to the January 25 meet and will be held during the regular school day. The District Elementary Academic Meet for Grades 2-5 will be at Lago Vista Elementary on Friday, January 25. The other schools competing in our district this year are Blanco and Johnson City.

Please take a look at the list of events on the bottom of this page, discuss UIL with your child, and encourage them to try-out for any events that interest them. Students may sign up for more than one event, but the contest times cannot conflict. We will have more information on event times and conflicts in the upcoming weeks.

Feel free to go to the UIL website for detailed information about each event:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email.

Thank you for supporting our UIL students and coaches!

Cathy Evans

UIL Academic Coordinator

Grades 2-5



4th Grade Ready Writing

Mrs. Little

4th Grade Oral Reading

Mrs. Norman

4th Grade Music Memory

Mrs. Whitton

4th Grade Art

Mrs. Shoaf

4th Grade Number Sense

Mrs. Phariss

4th Grade Spelling

Ms. Tinnian

5th Grade Ready Writing

Mrs. Little

5th Grade Oral Reading

Mrs. Norman

5th Grade Music Memory

Mrs. Whitton

5th Grade Dictionary

Mrs. Viruette

5th Grade Art

Mrs. Shoaf

5th Grade Listening

Mrs. Baker

5th Grade Number Sense

Mrs. Phariss

5th Grade Spelling

Mrs. Graham

5th Grade Maps, Graphs, and Charts

Mrs. Coffey

Intermediate School T-Shirts

They are blue with gold lettering and include this year's theme "Reaching For the Stars." They are only $15 and run from size YXS to AXXXL. We are hoping that our students wear them to the Austin Spurs Field trip to show our Lago Spirit. Order deadline is October 5th, 2018. Get yours while you can!

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Do you know our Redo/Retest Policy?

We encourage students to use feedback provided by grades by reflecting on their mistakes and using it to improve their understanding of concepts being assessed. Please understand that the redo/retest option is not a free pass for students not to study or to turn in carelessly completed work. In order for a student to have this opportunity, they must do something to show the teacher that they are committed to improving their performance. This might include additional time with the teacher, extra practice assignments, or making corrections on previously completed work. A student may earn up to a 79% on a re-test or re-do of an assignment. Students may not redo daily grades for which they received a zero.

Daily Grades

1. Students who receive a 79% or lower on a daily assignment will have one opportunity to redo an equivalent assignment, as determined by the teacher, for a maximum grade of 79%. Students may not redo assignments for which they received a zero due to not completing or turning it in.

2. Students must initiate the process to redo an assignment. Emailed requests from parents to redo an assignment will not be accepted. Handwritten parent notes presented to the teacher by the student will be accepted in Grades 2-5. The ultimate goal is to create learners who are able to be effective self-advocates.

3. Students must complete the “redo” assignment in the calendar week after the failing grade was earned. (For example, whether a student earns a failing grade on Tuesday or Friday, they must complete the re-test by the end of the following week. This is the case, even in the event of “short” weeks containing fewer than 5 days.)

4. Assignments may be given as a home assignment or redone at school. The teacher will determine which option is most appropriate for each assignment.

5. A student may earn up to a 79% on their redo of the assignment.

6. A student may not earn a grade lower than the original grade.

Managing Stress Article

Stress may adversely affect student health, happiness and school performance. Here are some tips to help your child manage stress:

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"It's not that I'm so smart; it's just that I stay with problems longer." - Albert Einstein

Thanks Lago Vista Intermediate Families

A big shout out to the following families that participated in the Write A Check fundraiser:

Xuerb family

Hoofnagle family

Parra family

Porter family

Everett family

Wray family

Oatman family

Scott family

Riley family

Solid Technology Solutions Inc.

Sellers Family

Ohstand family

Trissel family

Smith family

Hepp family

Chadwick family

Soto family

Bailey family

Grill family

Vaugh family

Johnston family
Purkey family

Anglin family

Melendez family

Robert brown

Olsen family

Sisca family

Davis family

Ramos family

Smith family

Walker family

Donahe family

Turnner family

Morris family

York family

Painter Bowler family

Martinez family

Lenard family

Stewart family

Hiebert family

Heston family

Gustafson family

Burke family

Smith family

Hardy family

Keister- Herrod family

Houston family

Cannon family

Richardson family

Ortega family

Randels family

Fowler family

Gilber family

Mcskimming family

Maya family

Keeran family


Lago Vista ISD uses StayALERT to help keep our schools safe. StayALERT is a bilingual, confidential website, e-mail, phone and texting avenue for students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to be able to confidentially report unsafe behaviors, suspicious activities, bullying, acts of violence, harassment, and a host of other potential disruptors to school safety.

Users may anonymously report concerns 24-7-365 via the StayALERT website, an e-mail, a phone call to a recorded and monitored line, or via a text message from a cell phone. Photos and video clips pertaining to the StayALERT report may be included. No special app required! Reportable information will be forwarded in a timely manner to a pre-designated school official for review.

To make a report, use one of the methods below:


Call or Text: (206) 406-6485