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Maggi Atta Noodles TV Commercial

What's missing on the packet?

  • Since it claims to be healthy, it is essential to mention the specifications of wheat used
  • The advertisement and the packet declares the nutritional value of real vegetables. But on the contrary, it contains only dehydrated vegetables which are devoid of any nutrition. It is also suspected that whether the vegetables used are real.
  • Hydrolyzed protein in products indicates the presence of MSG or monosodium glutamate. Recent findings have found monosodium glutamate to cause brain lesions, brain neuron death, obesity and diabetes in mice. But the packet explicitly declares the absence of MSG(no added MSG).
  • We have no idea the percentages of the said ingredients added. For instance, how many grams of Salt is added? How much of the Color and Sugar is hidden in various ingredients?
  • Flavour enhancers pose health hazards which are not specified on the packet. Allergens are not specified.
  • Means to approach the company for queries are not mentioned.
  • The images of vegetables on the packet deceives people that it contains pieces of vegetables. Unfortunately, it doesn't.


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note the aster-ix in the video

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment
No More Counting Falling Hair Strands with Dove Hair Fall Rescue.

What's missing on the packet?

  • It does not give measures for preservation.
  • It is effective only for hair fall due to breakage, but this is mentioned with the help of aster-ix in small font on the packet. This is nowhere specified in their advertisement. This could be a measure to deceive people.
  • It fails to provide the information about which ingredient is instrumental in countering hair fall among the given chemical names. This would make their product more authentic.
  • There are ingredients which adversely affect the consumers health directly or indirectly, such as those containing alcohol. The consumer should be aware of these adverse effects before purchasing the product, which is absent in this product label.
  • Certain people are allergic to certain ingredients, which may result in irritations in the skin. The consumer must be warned about these allergens.
  • They can also mention whether it falls into the category of synthetic or herbal shampoos.