Whats Sushi ?

There so many possible things in a sushi roll. One common ingredient is avocado. Sushi is usually seafood wrapped in seaweed covered in rice, however rice does not have to be included on some rolls like an avocado roll might not. Also in sushi rolls there can be crab, tuna, salmon, cucumber, carrots, mango, jalapeño, and shrimp. On the side of the dish they usually put some ginger and wasabi. Wasabi is a very hot ingredient, some people prefer sriracha instead because it is not as spicy, and is more like a sauce.

Sushi Creator

Sushi was created by a man named Hanaya Yohei.

Examples of some common rolls

Avacodo Roll

California Roll

Sunshine Roll

Dallas Star Roll

crunchy california

park cities roll

Side Dishes

A lot of times in sushi restaurants they have a side of fried rice, house salad, edamame, etc. usually on the house salad they have ginger dressing. Which can be bought at grocery stores.