Class Size and Technology

How are the two related?

Research Question

When I began my research I started out thinking that smaller class sizes meant technology would be used more often. The smaller the class size the easier it is for teachers to communicate instructions to the students on how to use the specific technology tool. After much research my ideas about my topic began to change. I realized that technology allows classrooms to be larger. My research question officially changed to "Does class size have an impact on the use of technology in the classroom"
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In the article "Class Size as Related to the Use of Technology, Educational Practices, and Outcomes in Web-Based Nursing Courses", researchers studied 265 undergraduate and 863 graduate students enrolled in a web-based class in order to gain more information about class participation with various class sizes. According to this article there is a fine line between too small of a class and too large of a class. The researchers found that at a certain classroom capacity and minimum students were the most efficient. It makes the most sense that in a class with roughly 5 people, the students would be less inclined to make conversation in the class; the same idea goes for classes that have more than 40 students.
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Pros and Cons

Incorporating technology into classrooms can be very challenging. It is important to know all the pros and cons about technology and how that can affect what size class you have.

Here are some of the benefits of having technology in the classroom:

  • class sizes are able to be larger because the teachers can divide their attention between more students
  • students can take notes quicker, which allows them to make sure they have written down everything important
  • technology encourages creativity in the classroom
  • lecture halls are made convenient for students because they can follow along on the powerpoint online if they are sitting to far away.

Here are a few of the downfalls of having technology in the classroom:

  • students may not always listen to what you are saying because of the endless opportunities on laptops
  • the teacher can always tell if she has the students full attention without technology
  • the teacher may feel as though she isn't needed as much because the students understand how to work many technological difficult activities
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Typical college classroom

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Class Sizes in College

After searching through various websites to find additional information about my newer topic, I found that because technology allows teachers to spread their attention across students, the teachers could handle a larger number of students. As students grow older they become more adapted to technology. In the beginning of this project I believed that using technology in large classrooms would be very ineffective; however, once I came to college I realized how useful they can be in the class setting.This is especially true in college lecture halls. The teachers present their material on a PowerPoint or allow students to use their own devices during class. Not only are we able to follow along with the teachers power points, but we can also take quick notes on the same powerpoint. Using computers in the class is also very helpful if you are in an english class. During my english class we often work on our papers, which would be very challenging if we were not allowed to bring laptops. Usage of laptops in college is incredibly useful in more ways than we think.

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