All About Amisadai Arcos

All about me

All about me

  1. My favorite colors are black,blue, and red
  2. I love to draw when I am disappointed
  3. My birthday is on Nov.7
  4. My favorite animal is a pug
  5. My favorite weather is winter
  6. My best friend name is Henry Cruz Jimenez
  7. My favorite holiday is New Years
  8. I love going to parties
  9. I love jewelry
  10. I love motorcycles

Most funniest and embarrassing moment of my life

A year ago I studied in Mexico . My friends then realize that I was no longer going to study with them They planned my last day they wanted a unforgettable day for me. My best friend took my backpack and others while got me wet . Not only that they also threw flour to me the worst were the eggs.

Questions I get asked a lot

  1. Are your nails real?
  2. Are you seventeen?
  3. Are you Honduran?