Counseling in the Middle

6th Grade at Hazelwood West Middle

Monday, March 31

I will be outside of Mrs. Spotanski's classroom Wednesday & Friday to conduct Mini Meetings.

2nd Block: Open Office

3rd Block: Open Office

4th Block: Mr. Berry Lunch (11:30)

6th Grade Lunch Duty

Academic Excellence: Open

6th Block: Plan time

Tuesday, April 1 - April Fools Day

8:00 - IEP Meeting for student at Administration Building

3rd Block: Open

4th Block: Mr. Berry Lunch (11:30)

Academic Excellence: Girl Scout's Group in Ms. Overfield's classroom.

Powerful Young Men's Group

(The following students will be participating:

6th Block: Open

Come Pick Up a Trix Krispie Treat in My Office on Tuesday!

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Teacher Resources for April Fools Day!

April Fool's 2010 - Decreased Gravity

Wednesday, April 2

2nd Block: Mini Meetings (Spotanski Room)

3rd Block: Mini Meetings (Spotanski Room)

4th Block: Secret Society Boys Small Group (Spotanski)

Lunch Bunch with Mr. Berry

Academic Excellence: Mr. Berry Lunch (1:00)

6th Block: Counselor's PLC at 1:30 - 2:30

Thursday, April 3

Counselor Evaluation Committee from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm (I will not be available until 1:00 pm. If you have an emergency please contact Mr. Adam or Ms. Heilweck) Thank you!

Academic Excellence: Ms. Kat Young Girls Self-Esteem Group

2:00 - Team 6A Problem Solving Team Meeting

2:30 - Team 6B Problem Solving Team Meeting

Friday, April 4

2nd Block: Minute Meetings (Spotanski Room)

3rd Block: Minute Meetings (Spotanski Room)

4th Block: Minute Meetings (Spotanski Room)

6th Grade Lunch Duty

Academic Excellence: Mr. Berry Lunch (1:00)

6th Block: Plan time

Looking Forward to the Week of April 7th

MAP Books will be coming in so I will be sorting and labeling books for the majority of the week. Please have students fill out Mr. Berry Counseling Forms and I will prioritize those who are most important.

Thursday, April 10th: Emotion Management Lesson in Social Studies