By: Laura Hillenbrand

How it all happened

World war two was a very bad war that was fought mostly between USA and Japan. The year was 1939 world war 2 just started and men that were healthy and able to fight were sent off to fight in the war. The war was very intense and then suddenly in 1941 Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was bombed by the Japanese. The Americans were very mad and the war went on but a couple years later in 1945 the Americans dropped the first ever Atomic bomb on Japan. Dropping the Atomic bomb basically ended the war but the exact date the war was over was May 8th 1945. All the prisoners that were held captive in Japan were sent home to their families.

The other side

World War two was against the Japanese. Roosevelt was the president and the war was just getting started. The Japanese bombed pearl harbor and then the Americans dropped the Atomic bomb. The Americans were beating the Japanese and their army was growing weaker and smaller. The Americans would end up winning the war in 1945. The Japanese were not giving up and they were not planning on it until the American started taking out all their forces.
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World war 2 bomb plane

After the war

After the war most men were still scarred of what they saw and what they had to do in the war. Most men became addicted to drinking to try to solve their problems. There was a man who flew a fighter plane and the plane crashed in the ocean and he lived, but after the war that guy never flew in a plane ever again. Most men would forget about the war though and they would be fine. There has been no world wars since this world war most countries have been getting along fine ever since.