Weapons in WWI

What Would Happened If The Both Sides Had Modern Weapons

Before The War

The German Emperor Wilhelm II was born in 1888 with a crippled arm. Growing up his caretaker was extremely harsh on him, not letting his disability get in his way. When he rose to power he ruled his nation with an iron fist fueled by his hatred for all that oppose him.

What Actually Happened

Shortly after the American Expeditionary Forces joined the fight the Germans were convinced that they could not win the war. They soon signed a peace treaty and Wilhelm II was exiled to the Netherlands

What Could Have Happened

If the forces in The Great War had modern weapons of war, today would probably be very different. Wilhelm II was very power crazy by many standards, so it would not be so unbelieveble if he used a biological or nuclear weapon on the Allied Forces. I have comprized a timeline journal of possible events that could have happened if extreme measures were taken.