Transition Plus August 3rd

Let's be Social!

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Welcome Back! Let's Get Social!

I hope you all have had a fabulous summer, are rejuvenated and ready for another great school year! I have heard from a number of you about some of your adventures , some of your relaxation and your ability to spend time with family and friends. There has been staff in and out of the building throughout the summer, which shows me how dedicated and committed you are to our students here at T Plus. I know they appreciate it and so do I.

A big theme for our year is getting social- this will include how we use social media to connect with our students and families, and how our social emotional learning (SEL) focus will help our students be better prepared for the work force and their adult lives.

Daphne and I have spent a good part of the summer working on and planning for our move into the new building. We are excited about the move and are excited about the new space and all the additional potential it will bring to our students.

There are some items that will be finalized in the next few weeks and you'll get a chance to hear more about them as we move forward into the school year.

We have a number of new staff joining our T Plus community, please be sure to give them a warm welcome.

Start of SY 2018-19

Here is a look at the back to school week!

Our school day for students is--- 9:40- 4:10

ESP time will be ------------------------9:40-4:10 unless otherwise specified

Licensed staff time will be--------- 8:30-4:30 unless otherwise specified

Licensed staff will be expected to report back to work 8/21/19 @ 8:30- we will be having an extended licensed staff meeting.

Optional: August 20th - Duty day for teachers and related service professionals who wish to flex the MEA Conference Day (Thursday, Oct. 18) as a non-duty day - Sign in will be required

August 24th- First Day Back for ESP Staff- ALL Staff will participate in onsite PD (ESP staff will be expected to attend at TPlus instead of district PD)

My MPS Access Extension

Please review the below information regarding MyMPS:

In a previous communication we notified you that our contract with MyMPS, is set to expire on June 30th and all content in MyMPS must be retained by this deadline.

I am happy to share with you that since this announcement was made, we have been able to negotiate a no-cost extension to allow teacher-only access to the system for the purpose of retaining their content through October 31st 2018 - allowing an additional 4 months to move and back-up your content! We still strongly encourage you to begin this work ASAP.

Related to this effort, we have put together some resources to support you through this transition:

· General Support documents related to in backing up content from MyMPS can be found here; Get Content Out of MyMPS

· Student/Teacher Courses will now be supported in Google Classroom - Support found here; Google Classroom Training on The Source

· Focused Instruction Curriculum Guides are currently being moved from MyMPS to the Staff Intranet site (SharePoint) - No action needed at the school level

· Online Learning will be using Odysseyware to host courses - No action needed at the school level

· Communication Pages will also need to be moved from MyMPS to the Staff Intranet site (SharePoint) - Support found here; SharePoint Training on The Source

- If you need in-person support, please join a session by registering online via eCompass.

CBI Friday option for students interested in computer programming

Friday mornings This year,Mary will be offering a course focused on the Python programming language. It will include lessons from MCTC ITEC 1150, Programming Logic and Design. Students who are taking computer science class 2nd hour, and others who may be interested in qualifying for 3 college credits, should consider this option.

There will be a couple of field trips during the year, but it’s a graded class (not a drop in situation).

Thanks for keeping it in the back of your mind. ?s…

Staff Updates

Here are staff updates this year:

Staff Deciding this summer to not return this school year:

  • Marva Gillespie
  • Vicki Engebretson
  • Melinda Cackowski-Nickerson

Staff Joining us next year:

  • Rachel Prince--------------------- New Counselor
  • Adam Webo----------------------- New Teacher
  • Jeremiah Satterthwaite------- New Teacher
  • Susanne Donahoe-------------- New Teacher
  • Katie Flaherty--------------------- HS Work Coordinator
  • Alexandra Renken------------- HSl Work Coordinator
  • Jake Anderson------------------ New Teacher (returning )
  • Anthony Scott------------------ AE High School CBVT jobsite
  • Amber Hunter----------------- AE High School CBVT jobsite
  • Molly Bosford------------------ New SEA
  • Michael Pucci------------------- New SEA
  • Arnee Martin-------------------- New SEA
  • Nadine Barten------------------ New SEA
  • Alexandra Fernandez--------- New SEA
  • Rachel Zubrzycki--------------- New SEA
  • Chad Lizakowski--------------- Psychologist
  • Stevanna (Stevie) Galvin---- Student Teacher

Staff position changes for next year

  • Ben Rodriguez------------------ Team 1 Work Coordinator
  • Dave Shield- AE ---------------- Building/ AE Cadre
  • Adam------------------------------- SEA at Children's Hospital
  • Greg ------------------------------- Classroom teacher (.7 FTE)
  • Jeanne---------------------------- .9 FTE
  • Joanne---------------------------- .9 FTE
  • Peggy----------------------------- .9 FTE

The Move

We are currently finalizing details of the move and will provide them as they are available. We are anticipating the move to happen on October 31st. We would be in the new building beginning November 1, 2018.

Please continue to get rid of items you do not need. There will be more information regarding packing and boxes as we move into the start of the year.

The School Improvement Plan (SIP)

On Thursday August 9th. There will be a small group of staff working to update our School Improvement Plan. If you have thoughts or ideas you'd like included please share with me or Greg prior to that day

Meeting Schedule for the Year

Here is a list of the meetings scheduled for the year- there will be a couple of other groups with additional meetings scheduled - this will be coming soon!

As you are writing these meetings on your calendars, if you are a licensed staff you should consider setting up you IEP calendar too. Check in with a buddy teacher if you need help.

T Plus Structure

So everyone understands T Plus and our structure, here are a few documents to help you. Keep in mind these documents and fluid and may be changing as others have input and certain areas/ staffing is finalized.

TPlus Big Picture with Roles and Responsibilities

TPlus Services Overview

2018-19 Assignments