Interview With Franny Champman

By Alexander Reza Parachini


Q: How would you summarize Uncle Otts' behavior?

A: Everything he is doing is showing that he is very paranoid.

Q: How would you prioritize your actions if an air raid siren went off?

A: First I would get the family together, then I would find a safe place to duck and cover like Bert.

Q: What do you think about this war?

A: I think it is quite unnecessary and that it will wipe out the human race.

Q: How are Jo Ellen's actions related to your suspicions?

A: She acts very secretive & is always gone.

Q: What judgement can be made about Margie.

A: She thinks a fair bit about herself.

Q:What judgments can be made about you?

A: That I am quiet, nerdy, and an introvert.

Q: What would you predict would happen if the air raid siren went off?
A: People would be running around panicking but educated people would duck and cover like Bert.

Q:What do you predict Jo Ellen is doing "in the shadows"?

A:Well I think that she is trying to escaped from the madness at home.

Q:What evidence supports the fact that Uncle Otts is crazy?

A:He has been to war & he knows the intensity of it. He is also paranoid enough to build a bomb shelter.

Q:Why was sneaking into Jo Ellen's room and risking getting caught better than forgetting about it?

A:I was curious and wanted to find out about what she was doing.

Side Articles

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Countdown is a historical fiction book where the main character, Franny Champman lives in cold war. She lives with her mom, her crazy uncle, her "perfect" brother, and her mysterious sister. In this book Franny experiences air raids, drama, and love Countdown is a great book for those who love slow paced books, as well as readers who like historical fiction. The book is slow in the beginning but then progressively becomes faster and faster. I would recommend this book to readers ages 9-13.

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