Canada's Struggle with a Identity

By: Matthew Dishmon

Situation In Canada

There is one problem on everyone's mind in Canada, will Quebec separate from Canada. Its been brought up since 1998, 2000, and now 2013-14, all chances of separation have been stopped by the Canadian people and government. Many people in Quebec have agreed, that they are completely different than the other regions. They speak French, the other regions speak English, and they're also still a minority. A young separatist Nicolas Moran said, " Immigrants who come here see it as being way more advantageous to learn English rather than French and you know what, they know that we will comply with them. We will eventually serve them in English, even though we pretend that we’re tough and we only want to speak French we eventually always fold."
Another example of them being different is Quebec voted completely different than the rest of Canada.

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The History of Canada

Canada was founded in 1867, they became independent in 1982 when they separated from Great Britain's rule. Canada and Quebec almost separated once in 1995, they came within 1% when a terrorist group kidnapped Federalist Politicians. The first inhabitants of Canada were Native Indian people, primarily the Inuit. Canada contains over 9 religions, and has a Holiday called Canada Day, July 1st. Their were many wars and fights between the French and English over the bountiful fur trade, English gained control in 1763.

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Current Status of Canada

Multiculturalism ensures that all citizens can keep their identities, can take pride in their ancestry and have a sense of belonging. The biggest problem facing Canada right now, is the Separatist's in Quebec trying to break free from Canada. Quebec is nothing like Canada, they speak French, and are major Catholics, but in 2011 Canada banned all Niqabs' and facial garments. There are only 2 main languages in Canada, its English and French, Quebec is the only region of Canada that are French speaking, besides them the rest are English speaking.

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