Mrs. Bulloch's Phys Science Class

Gardner Newman Middle School

Last Week's Review

Last week, we spent a great deal of time learning about electrical charges, how they exert forces on each other, and the different types of circuits that electrical charges travel through. We did get to experiment and have fun with the Van de Graff machine. Class was "shocking" that day!

This Week's Preview

Monday: MLK Jr Holiday

Tuesday: Electricity & Magnetism Activities

Wednesday: Electricity TrackStar

Thursday: EQ 1&2 Quiz

Friday: Make flashlights!

Electricity Project is next week, January 25-29th!!!

Flashlights & Electricity Project

Please make sure that all supplies are collected for each!

Flashlights: Emply toilet paper roll, 2-Dsized batteries(electrical tape & aluminum foil can be donated)

Electricity Project: Shoe box, switch, & any supplies needed to create your room (electrical tape can be donated)