Adobe Voice

- Tú Horario Diario -

Description of the Project

Using pictures of your Diego el Delgado or Dolores la Delgada, create an Adobe Voice about your class schedule. What classes is your Delgado(a) taking? What requirements do you have in each class?


You must have the following in your Adobe Voice Video:

  • It must be 1:30 minutes long.
  • You must mention your class schedule and what you do in each class.
  • You must use stem-change verbs.
  • You must create an electronic version of your graphic organizer. A template is already created for you on Schoology.

Where do I turn my assignment in?

You must turn in the following two assignments to Schoology.

  1. Your electronic graphic organizer.
  2. Your Adobe Voice Video.

You will turn these assignments in

  • the pink folder titled - Unit 1 - La Vida Estudiantil
  • the green folder titled - Assignments and Projects
  • in the assignment titled - Written and Audio - El Horario Diario

You will add both assignments as comments. Once you put the cursor on the comment area, a small tool bar will appear. Find the icon that is FILE. It will allow you to add your graphic organizer. Your comment will be titled - Your FIRST and LAST NAME - Secuencia de Horario - Organizador Grafico. After you have posted this assignment on Schoology, you will be able to comment on the post you just made. Add a comment to your post, where you will paste your Adobe Voice Video link. You will title this comment as - Your FIRST and LAST NAME - El Horario - Adobe Voice.

Due Date - El 25 de septiembre; las 10 de la noche