Unaccompanied Students After School Program ~ Group 9

Our Cause

We decided that student poverty is a huge issue in our community. About 1.6 million youth experience homelessness on their own each year in the U.S. We think that the main root cause of student poverty is low income families. Many students drop out of school to support their families instead of staying in school to get a higher paying job and break the cycle of poverty. 1 in 30 students are affected by homelessness, and over 285 students in Waco ISD have experienced homelessness themselves. 15 percent of homeless children are ages 13-17, 34 percent are ages 6-12 and 51 percent are under the age of 6. Currently there is only one bed available for every 125 young people living without a home. Our goal is to reduce student homelessness in Waco. By making an after school program, we will give them food, a place to study, and and a place to stay out of crime.

Our Solution

Poverty is a huge problem and it takes a lot more power then we have to fix completely. One thing we CAN do is help. We plan to make an after school program called USASP. USASP stands for Unaccompanied Students After School Program. At this program we would give them food and a place to study. They would also make new friends that might be a better influence on them. This program will also keep the students out of crime and trouble. You can help us by donating, volunteering, and helping us find influential speakers. We hope this program will spread through Waco, and eventually, the US.
How We Can Help The Homeless Youth Of Waco

What We Learned

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