Mission Statement

by Jessica Joplin

I Believe...

I believe I can have success if I am willing to work hard and care about my future.

I believe my life will not be easy, and nothing will just be handed to me; I have to take charge of my own life.

I believe it is necessary to be determined and to always have a positive attitude no matter how many problems I face.

My goals...

My goal for my sophomore year is to make A's in my all of my high school and college classes.

My goal for high school is to work as hard as I can and become a better presenter.

My goal for college is to attend ECU and get my degree in Psychology.

My goal my career is to become either a Psychiatrist or a High School Guidance Counselor.

My goal for life is to be hardworking, trustworthy, happy, and confident in what I do.

My expectations...

I expect myself to be kind and respectful to others and their opinions.

I expect myself to live my life without regrets and take chances because I only have one life to live.