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Patriot Day Sept. 11

One of the few days I remember exactly what I was doing. Madison High School second period Spanish I. Yes I was the teacher. But I hadn't been teaching long.

If interested we will need to share these titles as there aren't multiple copies.

There is also a multiple user non-fiction ebook book you can find by searching the catalog or, as always, modeling electronic resource use.

Go to the Destiny Catalog link (the "tree") and search September 11. Both electronic and print books will come up. The electronic books you just click OPEN and (if you are at school) Voila! At home you have to go through Launchpad.

Don't forget Encyclopedia Britannica!

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Constitution Day (Learn 360)

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Coming Up

  • Sept. 11 Patriot Day
  • Sept. 16-Oct. 15 Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Sept. 17 Constitution Day
  • Sept 20 I will be out for an appt. There will be a sub.
  • Oct. 14 No School for kids that Monday. We have PD.
  • Oct. 16 I have another meeting that Wednesday afternoon (leaving at 1:30).
  • Oct. 24 I will be out for a training. This is one of the early out conference days. There will be a sub.
  • Oct 25 IF I'm able to get fair set up in time ... teacher preview after school. Just for a bit!
  • Oct. 28-Oct 31 Book Character Pumpkin Patch
  • Oct 28 - Nov 1 BOOKFAIR (M-TH 8:25-3:30, Fr 8:25-11:30)

Lesson Ideas

Create SIMPLE infographics using numbers from important dates or facts to Latinx History using Google Slides or Sheets, iPad Pages, or PicCollage. Write word problems using numbers from research.

Simple biographical research about important Latino/as from history is always interesting and gets the kids reading and writing. Modern day information assessment and research skills CANNOT be a one and done thing. They are too multifaceted and complex.

If you WANT to take it the step further green screen or Puppet Pals videos are easy and fun ... but that is certainly not a have to!

Or make sure you have rostered all your kids so THEY have access via Launchpad and try a BrainPop video and quiz. There are SO MANY FEATURES! If we don't use it we'll lose it!

And of course we can always talk books.

Find Me

I am on Twitter but it's as me and not as "the HH librarian." So you can just ask if that's your thing. Partly why. I've been on it so long I don't really want to rebuild my entire PLN with a new handle.


Check the Staff Resources link on the library webpage for my calendar and availability. It tends to go in every other week . On grades 3-5 checkout weeks there are a few open lesson slots ... but not nearly as many as there are on the "off" weeks.

Please remember my lunch. It's usually 11:30-12. Always has been. Sometimes I change it for lessons but that's the usual.