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Week of February 15, 2016


Math- Today we will we will find sets of fractions that add to one (3/5 + 2/5 = 1). We will also begin adding and subtracting fractions (with the same denominators) this week, and begin talking about mixed numbers and fractions greater than one ("fractions greater than one is how we refer to "improper fractions" these days!)

Writing - This week we will develop our conclusions and begin editing our persuasive essays.

Science - We will be completing two investigations this week where students will discover how energy is transferred and converted. We will be using a battery and sound box to see how chemical energy is changed to electrical energy and eventually sound energy. We will also use solar cells to see how to turn solar energy into electrical energy.

Social Studies - No Social Studies this week.

Reading- We continue our Interpretive and Analytic Reading unit this week. We will work on elaborating our understanding of the texts we read. After we do some work with prompts in our readers' notebooks, partnerships will turn their ideas on paper into conversations about their texts.

Teacher Notes

M-STEP Practice

The Department of Education has released some practice items for student to use to prepare for the M-STEP. Although we don't take the M-STEP until May, I think that it is beneficial for our kids to start getting comfortable with the test and practicing. Here is the link:

Valentine's Party

Thank you to our room parents (Karin and Angie) for planning such a great celebration! The kids had a great time playing minute-to-win-it games and eating snacks! Thank you to Meg, Kerry, and Karin for braving it out and spending their afternoon with a lot of excited 4th graders!

Royal Oak Public Library Field Trip

Our last RIF field trip is February 19th. Thank you to Nancie, Angie, Karen, Laura, Karin, Katherine, and Meg, our awesome drivers for making the trip possible! We will leave at 1:15 and return to school at 3:00. Remind your son/daughter to bring their library card!

4th Grade Lansing Field Trip

I really wish we could bring everyone who wants to come on our Lansing trip... but unfortunately the Capitol limits groups to 45 people (we make 2 groups from our 3 fourth grade classes). At our party on Friday we had a drawing, and the following chaperones were chosen: Nancie Walden, Karen Soper, Carrie Irwin, Heather Kocsis, and Karin Fairless won the drawing at the Fall Festival.

Black History Month

February is Black History Month! We will be exploring the life of an important American scientist, George Washington Carver in class. Despite being born into slavery, George Washington Carver was able to become a scientist, inventor, environmentalist, writer, poet, educator and artist. After reading, discussing and viewing a video about Carver, students will be asked to complete a project of their choice, inspired by an aspect of Carver’s life. This project is to be completed at home, and will be due on March 7th. Parents are invited into the classroom on March 7th at 9:30am to see the presentations.

Projects will also be displayed at Open House... so don't feel pressure to take time off work to come on March 7th!

Look for information coming home with your son/daughter this week.

4th and 5th graders ski free in Michigan!

In case you didn't know...

Math Homework and Remembering Pages

Save this Link! This is a PDF of all of the "Homework and Remembering" Pages. If Fido eats your child's homework, just print off a new page!

Shhhhh... don't tell the students kids, here is a link to the answer key too. This is a great resource to help you check their work each night.