In 2014 nearly 374.74 million gallons of gasoline were consumed in the United States. That's 136.78 billion gallons a year. More than 250 million vehicles run on gasoline. Almost 20 percent of all the energy used in the US in 2011 was in the form of gasoline.

How it works

Gasoline is known as an aliphatic hydrocarbon. In other words, gasoline is made up of molecules composed of nothing but hydrogen and carbon arranged in chains. If it were possible for human beings to digest gasoline, a gallon would contain about 31,000 food calories, which is equivalent to the energy in about 110 McDonald's Hamburgers. It's made from petroleum so it can move smoothly through your car.

All different types

Our future

Most of the cars that are driven today run on gasoline. At some point we will be running low and prices will skyrocket. Soon enough most people wont be driving. They will end up having to bike 20 miles to work in the morning. Gasoline was created so we could get places faster and more efficient. Without it, we will be forced to buy more expensive cars that do not run on this harsh energy.