The Mortal Instrument



At the institute she is informed by Hodge Starkweather that Clarissa’s mother was a Shadow Hunter too and had taken the mortal cup to get it away from one of the other shadow hunter, named Valentine Morgenstern, who had became too consumed by the greed of power, therefore going onto the dark side. Thus Jocelyn took the mortal cup to prevent chaotic events. As the movie progresses she tries to find out about her sealed memories. The first destination that Jace brought her was into a grave yard that led to the “City of bones.” They soon realised their powers was not enough to restore her memories completely but she did know who had cause the memory block in her head, he went by the name Bane. As they met up with Bane, Clary discovers her mother only did this to protect her until she was old enough to understand. At the party Bane was hosting Simon was kidnapped by vampires, the shadow-hunters and Clarissa began their adventure of saving Simon. After rescuing Simon, they went back to the Institute to discover that she found a new talent: which allows her to reach into a painting/canvas/picture and be able to take out the object from it. After realising her power, Hodge (the head of the institute) said “The only other person that could that was your mother.” Thus Clarissa realizes where her mother hid, “The mortal Cup.”

After reaching Dorothea’s apartment, Clarissa asked to see the deck of cards Jocelyn gave to her. Once pulling out the Mortal Cup from the card, Dorothea turned into a demon. Jace and Clarissa were defenceless considering Dorothea told them that weapons weren’t allowed in her house. In the end they were able to defeat Dorothea and retrieve “The Mortal Cup”. Soon after Clarissa, Jace, Alec and Isabelle went back to “The Institute” they led Alec to the infirmary, while Clarissa went to tell Hodge that she has found the mortal cup. Once she gave Hodge the cup, he than betrays Clarissa by opening up the portal to give it to Valentine Morgenstern. At that moment Valentine tells Clarissa that he was her father and then cuts his hand and drops his blood into the cup telling her to drink it as she refuses his offer she pushed the cup back into the card and headed for the portal.

After escaping Valentine she ends up in Luke’s Book Store, where Luke informs Clarissa that what he said was a lie because he wanted to protect Clarissa and Jocelyn. Then Simon and Isabelle called Clarissa to tell her that they found her mother, thus they form an alliance with Luke’s pack (They’re werewolves) to save Jocelyn. As Clarissa and her team were preparing for battle, Valentine creates a portal to summon horrendous demons to invade the institute. Then Jace, Simon and Isabelle joins forces with Luke and his werewolves pack thus empowering the enemy by Clarissa drawing a new Rune; which freezes time so they were able to make their escape.

Simon and Isabelle partner up to close the portal, this is when Hodge tries to redeem himself by helping them close the portal, as for Luke and his pack they were stalling the demons from getting to Clary. Finally Clarissa makes ways into the library where Valentine was. During this scene Jace informs Clarissa to listen to what valentine had to say. He tells them that are both his children, implying that they are siblings. Unfortunately they refuse to believe it since they are in love with each other. Then Jace pulled out the sword that was a part of the portal causing the portal to temporarily closes, just when Valentine nearly killed Jace. Clarissa threatens him by saying she will drop the mortal cup in the portal. As he tries to convince her to give him the cup, she replies saying, “You will never be my father, if you really knew me you would know where this cup is going thus she gives him the cup and pushes him in the portal. Then Jace seals the portal creating snow to fall in the institute. After saving her mother Clarissa began to accept who she is and is using the power of the rune to fix her apartment. The movie ends with Clarissa getting on the motorcycle witch Jace.

Comparing and Contrasting

The gathering

In the Gathering Maya whom is the protagonist has always been curious about Serena's death. But she didn't start to dig for answers till an incident that triggered her curiosity. It all began when Maya wanted to get a tattoo in order to highlight her birth mark that is shaped like a paw. Once she arrived at the shop she was immediately kicked out of the store due to the tattoo's artist's aunt calling her a witch and a "Yee naddloshii."

This was the reason when Maya began her search for knowledge, in this case her it's her understanding the meaning of why she was called a witch and what the word meant. Along this story she begins to question more, for example she started wondering if Serena's death wasn't an accident but if it was St. Cloud corporation's fault. But once she found the truth about her birth parents this sets Maya to unravel more mysterious of paranormal activities.


The reason why these two forms of media are so alike besides the theme is because Both characters are learning more about them selves, how they act, how they feel who they are as a person.

While Clarissa has just learnt that her mother has been hiding a secret from her, which is that her dad in that picture was a lie because her real dad is Valentine, and that they have supernatural powers, which is to slay demons.

As for Maya she learns that she has supernatural power through Rafe, he tells her that her birth mother put her up for adoption in order to keep her safe from scientist whom have experimented on them. This explains why Maya has the power to heal animals quicker than usual.

Therefore The gathering and The Mortal Instrument have a similar concepts.