World War 1

Callie Jahns and Charlotte Koberg


The U.S military built up there military to make it stronger. This caused other countries to feel threatened, so they built up there military in response. The rivalry between Germany and Great Britain led to the belief that the war was coming. As each military was building up their armies they wanted to show their power to other countries and increase the loyalty of their people so that they could prove that they were a world power.

The guy in the poster has the desire that a country should maintain a strong military by getting people drafted into the military.


Austria declared war against Serbia which set off a chain reaction within the alliance system. After Austria invaded Serbia, Russia joined in to help Serbia by moving its army toward the Russian-Austrian border. Russia looked to France for extra help, but Germany didn't like the idea of it and later declared war on France. Because of all these countries declaring war and gaining alliances, this has caused many domino effects.

This shows the alliances between:

  • Italy, Austria-Hungary, Germany
  • Germany, Ottoman Empire
  • Russia, France


Nationalism was shown through propaganda, rationing, and total war. Governments used propaganda which is a one-sided informational designed to persuade and keep up moral support for the war. Since so many people were in the army they turned to rationing for support, people could only buy small amounts of items that were also used for war effort. Government told factories what to produce and how much, during this time everyone had a job of producing materials for the war. Unemployment disappeared and women had jobs in the factories.

Shows the loyalty to a persons nation and it's political and economic goals by trying to raise awareness of U.S Government bonds.


European nations competed for colonies in Africa and Asia. They wanted these countries for more land, resources, people to do their work. This sometimes pushed European nations to the brink of war because they competed for Over sea empires and that made their rivalry and mistrust deepen.

This picture shows how England was trying to take over many different parts of country's by force.


The assassination of Franz Ferdinand led directly to World War 1 because Austria- Hungary subsequently issued a problem with Serbia. This caused Austria- Hungary to then declare war, marking the outbreak of war. Serbia nationalists, the black hand group shot Ferdinand and his wife. Serbia wanted Austria- Hungary to take the blame for this Assassination.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was shot by Gavrilo Princip

Trench warfare

Becomes necessary when two armies face a stalemate, with neither side is able to advance and take over the other side. Trench warfare is a form of land warfare using occupied fighting lines consisting largely of trenches, in which troops shelter themselves. Armies also protect themselves in the trenches from arms fire from their enemy and shelter their artillery. Since countries had four years to dig their trenches during this stalemate, in response to overcoming this obstacle the British invented tanks against their enemy, Germany.

This picture shows troops taking cover, waiting in the trenches.


Tanks were invented by the British to defeat Germans and was a response to trench warfare. Countries would use tanks to drive across the normal terrain quickly and attack the enemy. Tanks did not coup well with the Western Front because of all the trenches. These machines would usually drive into a trench, this set off their armed machine guns and explosives.

Caterpillar tracked vehicles were already in France as the British used them as heavy gun tractors.

Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty of peace between the Allied and Associated Powers and Germany. One of the treaties that ended World War 1. It ended the state of war between Germany and Allied Powers.

France, Great Britian and Italy wanted to avenge the war by my making Germany take all the blame for World War 1

Treaty of Versailles

France, Great Britain and Italy wanted to avenge the war by making Germany take all the blame for World War 1.