Team Shine Bright - Feb 2018 news

You survived let's get down to business

January is always a tricky month in life and business.

We have the tremendous highs of festivities set against a return to normality - but what it does bring, is a fresh new start.

So let's blow off the cobwebs and make 2018 something truly special to remember.

Ask yourself: What is the one thing you would like to do this year? How can your Stella & Dot business help you to get there? Hold that thought. Stretch it a you've got it. Stay right there.

Now. Grab a pen and write the goal down.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Next is the plan... break it down month by month and then week by week.

That's all I ever do when I am aiming for a promotion, an exotic holiday or a new pair of shoes.

We ALL have dreams, we all start out with great resolutions for 2018, but do you REALLY have a plan or are you just winging it?

How can your business ever be successful without a plan? Can you imagine saying to your boss 'I'm going to make £100K for the company this year' but I have no idea how I'm going to get there? It doesn't make sense.

Your strategy doesn't have to be complicated. Just grab a diary and write the ultimate goal in the back. Let's pretend it's a new car for £24k. Now, month by month, write down how much you need to earn to achieve it. In this case, £2k a month.

How many Style Sessions would you need to host? Let's say 6 a month. And let's aim to recruit 6 people.

If your average Style Session is £500, you would earn around (25%) £125 at each x 6 = £750.

You have 6 stylists each hosting 4 Style Sessions a month x £500 . So that's a total of 24 Style Sessions x £500 = £12,000 and you will earn 12% commissions (Star Stylist) = £1440

£1440 + £750 = £2190 earnings a month hey presto you've smashed it.

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February Offers for Customers


When a customer spends £100, we'll give them a free pair of sparkle studs, and donate another free pair to the Smart Works charity.

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What is the Valentines 'Stylist Opportunity?'

From 1st – 28th February 2018, if you are a Hostess who has held a Style Session in the last 12 months, you can sign up as a Stylist this month and we will share the love and send you an extra gift! If you have been a Stella & Dot Hostess in the last 12 months, in February sign up for £169/€199 and receive £300/€350 in samples and our best-selling Charlotte Pendant set in Neutral in one of our small gift boxes with a personal note from Head Office! A perfect start to your display!

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Stylist training events are held on a monthly basis - around the UK, Germany, France, US and Canada.

As a registered independent stylist, you can attend any location and any event. Click for details Search All Training events

Details of our February Team Shine Bright Monthly Stylist Meet Up

Cheshire Stylist Meet Up - February

Once a year, we have our Annual Stella & Dot training conference - it's called Hoopla. It's a must-attend training event and usually attended by Jessica Herrin - the Founder of Stella & Dot - and our Chief Designer Blythe Harris. Here is a link to tickets and info Hoopla Annual Training 2018

February Marketing Materials

Customer treats for February. Don't forget to print out your Style Session exclusive offers and show them to your customers- so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over! ! These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on Stellaverse - and then click on marketing materials (items sell out fast so be sure to update on the night) xxx
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Congratulations to all those who held Style Sessions in January

Rebecca Hickman, Laura Lovell, Cherith Chamberlain, Vivienne Smith, Katie Armstrong

Emma Hall, Laura Rose-Troup, Jane Buckle, Vanessa Yates, Victoria Powys.

Top in sales - December

1) Laura Lovell 1,961.49

2) Nicola Syred 1,828.95

3) Hadeel Porter 1,414.34

4) Sophie Tootell 1,412.69

5) Emma Hall 980.09

6) Jane Buckle 852.66

7) Sally Cordwell 834.81

8) Jennie Cliffe 635.98

9) Katie Armstrong 630.67

10) Joy Grayson-Mahon 588.50

Look who promoted

Meet our Newest Associate Stylist Anna Goodard :-)
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2018 1st Time Promotion Bonuses










Laura Lovell 4

Jane Buckle 4

Emma Hall 2

Stephanie Smith 2

Welcome to our New Independent Stylists!

A massive warm welcome to ALL THE NEW STYLISTS on our team -

Sarah Louise Cordwell

Rachel Moruzzi

Lucie Maddock

Sarah Bennett

Rebecca Hickman

Nicola Piriazzo Gibson

Heather Kearns

Anna Goddard

Nicola Syred

Barbara Castle

Elizabeth Auty

Sarah Gowing

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Trunkshow themes

Here are 10 ideas for themed Style Shows (a pop-up shop in a living room)!

1) Share the Love - Stella Dot Style for Valentines.

2) Mother's Day Sip and Shop

3) Who needs Valentines when you can have Gal-entines?

5) Sparkle Makes Me Happy Hour

6) Bagels and Bling coffee morning

7) School-run mums' style

8) Girl's Night In

9) Wine, Cheese and Jewellery PLEASE!

10) Fashion and Fizz or Bubbles & Bling...

Booking - Words To Say

Congrats! You made it through the January blues!

I was thinking about you… our new collection has just launched and it would be

great fun to get the girls together - who doesn't love gorgeous new tops and accessories? And - as the hostess - you can choose stuff for free and 40% discount.

February is such a GREAT time as everyone wants to update their wardrobes at this time of year.

Here’s a link to our brand new Look Book. I have the 10th and the 12th open, let's pick one and go for it?

Then simply add in the opportunity!

While I have you, I should share what an impact my Stella & Dot business has had on my family! We have just paid for our summer holiday in cash and I was able to buy a few extra gifts this year for those I love. If there’s something you’re saving up for – or you’d just like some fun – I’d love to tell you how 2018 could be your year to do it! In fact this month you can get a few extra gifts too! Nothing to lose –I’d love to share more with you?



With 500 QV sales cumulative prior season (3 months)

Can also be earned within the Quarter

(New stylists enjoy 50% off their first 30 days in business)


£/€100 Consistency Bonus (sell 500 QV 3 consecutive months)

£/€100 Stellar Seller Coupon (5000 QV in one month)

Business Supply Credit, 2% of sales any month you qualify (500 PQV).

Qualify (500 PQV) any 3 months in a row

– £100/€100 Product Credit Consistency Bonus

When you sell 500 PQV 3 months in a row, you will be credited at the start of the following month with £100/€100 Product Credit. For example:

Sarah sells 500 PQV in December, January and February. At the beginning of March, her account will be loaded with £100/€100 Product Credit. March will then count as month 1 of her next 3 month cycle. If she does not qualify in March, April will be the 1st month, and so on.


Earn the £100 (€100) Builder Bonus when you directly sponsor a new Stylist who hits Associate Stylist Pay Rank+ in her first 12 months.

You will earn the bonus every month that she hits Pay Rank in her first 12 months

However, you must hit Pay Rank of Associate Stylist+ in the same month that your new Stylist does to earn your Builder Bonus.

New for January 2018: Earn the £100 (€100) Builder Bonus in the first month that they promote.

New for January 2018: Upgrade your Builder Bonus! If your new Stylist hits Star Stylist in her first 12 months, increase your Builder Bonus to a one-time bonus of £400 (€450)

You must hold the Pay Rank of Star Stylist+ in the same month that your new Stylist hits Star Stylist for the first time to earn the increased bonus. If you hold Associate or Senior Stylist Pay Rank, you will earn the £100 (€100) Builder Bonus. If you hold Stylist or Lead Stylist Pay Rank, you will not earn a Builder Bonus.

Once she has hit Star Stylist Pay Rank for the first time, you will continue to earn the £100 (€100) Builder Bonus in her first 12 months, as long as both you and she are hitting Associate Stylist+ Pay Rank.

They will be paid with your month end pay check.

Upline Leader - Mhari Oakes

Please do share your goals - and your plan to get there - with your sponsor. I'd love you to send them to me? I'd be happy to have a look through and offer any tips, help, advice and support to help you get there?

Star is in your reach. Even if you are a BRAND NEW STYLIST. (Set your sights on Associate and get a cash promotion bonus. Promote to Associate in your Jumpstart and receive FREE Hoopla registration!) Race to Star for a major pay upgrade and promotion bonus £££/€€€ Recently promoted? Keep working towards Heart of Leadership and reward yourself with our new HOL cash Bonuses (when you hit star 4 months in a row).