Christine Damski's Story

The theme is Courage. Christine Damski had courage when she had to run and hide for years she never gave up. She kept on fighting and looking out for her family.

Courage plays a big part in The Diary of Anne Frank.

Otto Frank says,"We're lucky. We're really very lucky," because some Jews cant hide or are in camps and the people in the Annex get to hide. They are very fortunate to be safe and with each other. The residents celebrate holidays so they can still have a sense of normality since they've been doing it for a long time and cause it is religious. It shows that they will not let the events going on bring them down or alter their lifestyle.

It was very courageous for Mr.Frank to hide Mr. Dussel in the Annex because he knew he would be risking a lot like the food supply running short, bedroom adjustments, conflict between people in the Annex, and the fact that nobody knew him. If it was me I would've been hesitant ,but still would have let him stay.

Christine Damski showed courage when she risked everything trying to help herself and her family. She always pushed on and tried to find her brother and keep him safe at all costs. She had to move a lot just to get away from potential threats.

Courage is relevant to a lot of young people today so they can be able to do a lot of things. Like, stand up for what they believe in and do things that people said they couldn't and accomplish goals that wee out of reach for them.

Christine Damski hid and helped her family during this hard time.

Christine Damski, originally born Sara Rozen, ws a Jewish women who was born in Chelm, Poland in 1918.

Damski went to school and persued journalism. On October 9, 1339 her father gave her a lot of money ,3000 gold rubles and senther and her brother Julian to Russian teieritory and they settled in Lvov. When her brother was taken to jail she and John Damski helped him and gave him things like medicine when he was sick. She also tried to get him out. Damski pretended to be married to John Damski ,who got her Russain papers. They moved a lot after that because people were getting suspicous of them. Later they settled in Warsaw. The Russains liberated them and she thought they would go back to Zamosc. When she returnedshe was shunned by everyone. Damski's sister died in Treblinka. Her brother died in a concentration camp he was tranfered to from jail. And her mother and father divorced, they still couldn't forgive him for giving Julian up.

We remember her for her kind heart and her caring persona. She always tried to help the ones she loved. She had drive and she would not give up tring to find her brother. She also helped her father even when he gave Julian up. She moved from place to place to seek protection and didn't quit that is why we remember her.

She embodied the theme courage because she had the courage to lie about her whole life like where she was from, who she was married to, and her name.

Courage is very important in my life

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one or

strength in the face of pain or grief. Everybody uses courage. This is relevant today because people use it to defend themselves and do amazing things. When I was little I used courage to perform with my ballet team and I pushed aside my fears to do that and it was worth it.