Charla Anderson's Class

Class Updates

Field trip to Bush Library

The Second grade field trip to Bush Library was a fun trip. The kids enjoyed touring the library and learning about George H. W. Bush and our country.

Math Class

In MATH class, we are studying fractions and multiplication. The students have practiced on Click on 'all games' and scroll down to Jungle Jim drums. Click on 0, 1, 2, or 5 to practice multiplying those numbers.

We have also begun studying math on Email me at for username and password, if your child does not remember his or her login information.

Science - Animal Unit

Remember the OPTIONAL Animal Habitat Projects are due Monday, May 6th. The projects that have been turned in have very good and informative.

Meanwhile in class, we have been studying the animals, food chains, food webs, plants, weather and other interesting facts of the Amazon Rainforest. We are comparing and contrasting the rainforest to other habitats as well.