all about me

taylor lagasse

5-7 things about me

> i like the beach

> i have 1 brother

> i like to walk

> i hang out with friends alot

> i want to get good grades

> when i get older i want to be in the medical feild

with my brother and father in and out of jail that has really impacted my life because its hard for me to go thew that much all around one time , its not an easy think to go threw and with my mom being sick with kidney problems dosent make it much easier , taking care of her is not easy.

i have alot that goes on in my life i live with my mom sometimes and my grandmother some more of it. i spend alot of my time outside with friends so im not stuck in the house when im at my moms i spend my time with friends , walking my dog , or helping her.

taylor renee lagasse

im taylor and this is the things i do most in my life